For all your Construction and Design needs, you can trust Shea

1. Consultation
During the initial meeting a gathering of desired wants and the scope of the remodel job is discussed. John, along with his esteemed designers, share their experience and wisdom to define the client’s wish list. The ability to answer questions, guide the owners through the design process, all while keeping the budget and needs at the forefront, are the reasons Shea Construction and Design excels in this field.

2. Design
Compiling ideas, photographs, and dimensions from the initial meeting allows a floorplan to be derived. Licensed contractors, reputable architects, and detailed designers are involved to develop plans that are viable, functional, and on a budget. At SheaCD, we believe that knowing the budget allows for a successful design. During this meeting, the designs are finessed to best develop the client’s design goals.

3. Agreement & Payment
Adjustments are applied to the plans, numbers are specified for the project, and a detailed agreement is written. The detailed proposal will provide a cost breakdown including the design items of choice and a description of work to be completed. The contract lists payment schedules and terms, along with initial time line for completion.

4. Material Selection
Shea’s Design team will work with you to create a cohesive look for your design project. Uniting all the details to create a unique and livable space to enjoy for years to come.

5. Construction
At Shea Construction & Design, only craftsman work on the jobsites. These are people who do this specific work daily. Someone who does one thing exceptionally well is a craftsman, and that is who we want working in your home. Once permits are acquired, the job of demolition and construction can begin. We believe in getting the job completed correctly in the minimal amount of time. Throughout the building process, frequent communication and site visits, keep the jobs running smoothly.

6. Completion
Shea creates a work schedule with clear expectations to ensure the design process achieves quality craftsmanship in an efficient manner. At Shea CD our goal is to leave your newly remodeled home ready for you to create memories. The memories we build on the jobsites create lifelong friends and repeat clients.

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